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Best Web Hosting Sites for your Blog

Web hosting allows you to own or lease your own space on the server for use of your clients as well as providing internet connectivity.  Do you have something to show the world? Do you want to create and organize your own sweet website? Do you want to promote your hidden talent? Do you have the ability to provide your customers with useful content?

If yes, then what are you waiting for? Here, we have created a list of top five cheapest and most user friendly web hosting service providers. Our ratings are based on several factors including rates, security level, popularity, customer reviews, history and reliability.

Just Host

JustHost is one of the most cheapest and economical website with this it is on the top most position of our list. Its monthly package is extremely low even its migration fee is free of cost and even additional charges are negligible. It also provides the customers with large disk space and the user is allowed to host several domains from a single account for free. The website ensures complete security and the money back guarantee within a specific period.JustHost provides consumer equilibrium that when they spent their income to get something they get the maximum amount of satisfaction and they made a great deal with just host as they provide business advertising services free of cost.

Host Gator

HostGator facilitates the customers with number of facilities. Due to which it is in our list as one of the best and cheap web hosting service provider.It provides variety of services at very low cost as it provides a great discount to its customers even charges very low fees with some of the creative and excellent web hosting plans just like others even host gator offers a large bandwidth and superb storing space which makes many people a regular customer of Host Gator.

Go daddy web hosting

GoDaddy is the most popular web hosting site among the newbies who are taking baby steps in the tech world.  This site is exceptionally user friendly and the best part is they don’t charge you any fees for setup as well as for the domain name. Also, if you are transferring your site from one web hosting domain to another you won’t be charged for that either. It allows you to start your shared program at just a little over $3 per month also if you find the website not useful for any sort of reason you are free to get 100% refund within the 30 days period. GoDaddy provides a hefty amount of free advertising credits to you so that you can promote your baby site over GoogleAdSense and Facebook advertising too.


GreenGeeks surely deserve a place in our list for its attractive and affordable prices and ‘free for life domain’ scheme. GreenGeeks allow you to enjoy free registration and free domain service to its thousands of satisfied customers .they ensure daily backups and 100% security for the users which is surely an appealing factor for all of them looking for an service provider.  GreenGeeks also run environment friendly practices which are something to respect about.


Over years BlueHost has provided flawless services to a huge bunch of customers. The user rating and reviews this site holds are commendable. They provide unlimited storage space and highly trustworthy services which keep your private info highly confidential. It has user friendly and easy to use features. They provide their services staring from 4.95$ per month. They also boast to give attractive discount coupons regularly.

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