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Do not open these ‘bomb’ Messages that crash WhatsApp

Two messages being circulated on WhatsApp are reportedly causing the Application to crash immediately and can even hang the entire system. This bug which has recently come to light is capable of crippling both Android and IOS versions of the app.

The message comes along with symbol or texts which when tapped can cause your system to crash.

According to Digital Trends, at least two variations of the message ‘bomb’ have been identified.

1st Message Bomb

In this message, there is a black dot that literally warns recipients of what will happen if you tap on it. Though, curious people eventually do just that. Immediately your system will crash.

whatsapp bomb message

2nd Message Bomb

The other one reads, “This is very interesting” with an emoji of a laughing face, which in the end leaves users with a sad face.


code to crash whatsapp

Till now, there is no official explanation from WhatsApp on the bug. It is, though, expected that it will quietly release an update to deal with the bug. Although the bug is capable of crashing both IOS and Android phones. IOS is reportedly much safe from such bugs.

Till an update from whatsapp is there, it would be wise not to be curious and tap on the messages which come with a warning.

Kindly share this message so that your family members and friends are safe from this whatsapp message bomb

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