Highest Paying Tech Jobs

Which are the Highest Paying Tech Jobs

Technology has tremendously developed in the last couple of decades. The tech market is blooming up providing n number of job opportunities with ever increasing salary packages.

Are you planning to launch yourself in the technology industry? Here we have prepared a list of 7 most paying tech jobs in 2016.

  1. Security Administrator

Occupation: Security Administrator

Annual median salary: $69,797

As you are charged with governance on the job of security administrator you have great responsibility on your shoulder. You are supposed to keep your eye on the server activity and take care that all the work is performed without any error and omission. The admin is solely responsible for projects and assignments to keep coordination and control in the networking system so that the flow is not hampered in between. Security admins are the soul of any major online enterprise when it comes to system access capabilities and privileges there is great requirement of knowledge and experience along with technical accessibility.

As computer is your best buddy and you spend majority of your day with your bestie then why not to make money out of it and get high-paid and high profiled job just with the click as personal interaction is outdated now a days then why not to interact with the world and get even paid for the same.

  1. Programmer

Occupation: Programmer

Annual median salary: $55,509

Developing software by taking assistance of computer languages C++ and JavaScript python is very demanding in the market so individuals who are equipped with computer knowledge must pursue the work of systems analysts, software engineers, and web developers and developers of system applications computer games and videos.


  1. Mechanical Engineer

Occupation: Mechanical Engineer

Annual median salary: $61,547

If you’re a great blend of knowledge intelligence creativity and innovative then you must walk on the path of mechanical engineer as the Architects and contractors blindly believe on mechanical engineers to make ensure that the plans and programs which are formulated are reliable and secure and even their implementation will lead to great success.

Engineers also maintain technology in a public setting, like traffic light computers or ATM machines. There are even positions available in factories, on oil rigs, and in the military! Mechanical engineering is definitely a broad field.

  1. Software Engineer

Occupation: Software Engineer

Annual median salary: $59,307

As it’s truly said technology is our mother and advancement is our wife so. We must work with both of them hand in hand.

Technology never remains stagnant and keeps on upgrading with increasing need for Software engineers who will convert the raw material in the field of technology to finished product by creating programs with computer languages help consumers and satisfy the needs and requirement of customers as per the newly emerging technology, advancement and trends. And develop more in the field by keeping in consideration the feedback of the customers.

  1. Web Applications Developer

Occupation: Web Applications Developer

Annual median salary: $78,568

Problems are no more problems now and the credit goes to web developers. Curiosity to know is solved in blink of an eye surfing has made possible to know everything with in click.

Complex languages and scripts are used by web developers to create web sites. And lead a helping hand to large enterprises and other institutes by designing creative and most aesthetically pleasing sites.


  1. Information Technology Auditor

Occupation: IT Auditor

Annual median salary: $68,719

The primary responsibility of an auditor is to express his opinion based on operational and conclusive evidence so those who have detective mind and have curiosity in doing inspection must think twice for Information Technology Auditors job as they investigate computer systems gather the necessary information analyze the data and Working alongside systems admins through substantive and compliance procedure and ensures that the code of conducts laws and policies are complied with. Auditors even make sure networks are working efficiently effectively and safely.

They are even liable for allocating all the resources in the best possible manner without its wastage and make sure they are used at their best. It’s not only keeps eye on detecting the frauds and errors but along with that correcting and monitoring to ensure effective supervision so those who have well focused, practical and observant mind must lock this job.


  1. Data Architect

Occupation: Data Architect

Annual median salary: $100,717

A keen interest and a mathematical mind, will lead you to work as a data modeler. With intelligence in mathematics a modeler can set up database system and can import and export the data with in snap between them.

Individuals who have hardcore willing to pursue such work must develop a mindset to analyze the data through charts and graphs which is professionally know as data architect, as they construct storage and develop the systems for information.

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