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How to Make Money Online With Your Blog

In this article I will tell you how you can make Money with your Blog. Make money online is the order of the day. Everyone wants to earn extra bucks on internet. Many people want to know if is it possible to earn money on the internet. The honest answer is yes you can earn free dollars on the internet, and you can earn lot more than that if you invest some money and treat online work as a full fledged business.

You must have your own blog or website in order to earn steady and decent money from internet. If you are a newbie than my suggestion for you is to create your first blog at or which is of course free of cost.

You sign up on Paid to Click websites and put the referral link in your blog or website and when somebody signup via your referral link, he /she will be added in your down line and hence you earn commission.

Creating a blog is not difficult at all. Just go to or and signup.  After signup just choose an aesthetic template which looks perfect for your imagination and name your blog. After that start writing stuff which you like most or you know about it. Writing good blog post is very important if you want your website / blog to get good traffic.

To add a New Blog post it is very simple, after you signin your account,  Just click on Add new post button and new post page will open. Than start writing as you write in Microsoft office and include some relevant images to make your blog post interesting.

If you know some web techniques like basic HTML and CSS than you should go for free website. There are many webhosting providers like,, etc which allow you to create free website with sub domain name like

The free web hosting that is provided is quite remarkable as they allow you unlimited web space with unlimited bandwidth. These days you don’t have to worry about ads too, because now a days web hosting providers don’t put their ads into free websites.

If you don’t like the big sub domain names like then you can also trim them to something like or and are Domain name providers which also provide free domain name for your free websites. Simply go to their website and open your account absolutely free. Then add your free website name into DNS settings of your newly created domain name and it should now redirect to your free website created earlier by free webhosting providers.

Having blog or website will help you a lot earning free money on internet. You can put all your earning websites information into one place and than promote your blog or website.

Using social media you can enhance your viewership. You can promote your website absolutely free on,,, via Commenting on other blogs, Link exchange with other websites, Forum posting and through sending emails to your friends and family members.



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