Make Money on Youtube

How to Make Money Using Youtube

Earning money while at home is a reality in today’s world. Thanks to new opportunities offered through affiliate marketing and channels like youtube you can make good money while working at home. If you have been contemplating on how to make money online via YouTube video marketing than follow these simple steps given below where i explain important things that you need to follow.

Making money on the internet has been in vogue for sometime and many people ask me one Question-

how to make money with videos online and answer is very simple.

You can either earn with video impression by using Adsense as your monetization method or just promote affiliate products. I will discuss about Adsense in another video, here I will let you know about affiliate marketing.

While making online Videos for Youtube, remember you have to create interesting, unique and copyright safe videos so that more people visit and share your Video. Making bad videos will leave you nowhere and your efforts will go totally waste; therefore it is very important that you spend some time in planning on what topic you want your audience to see and appreciate. The topics that you create video can be totally on your interest.

Step by Step YouTube Video Guide

  1. To give your video a professional look. You need to make sure that all your videos start with professional looking promo. If you don’t know how to create these professional promos don’t worry because there are tons of free promos already available on internet the internet for you to download and use. Just visitcom website and download the video you like most or fits with your content criteria.
  2. For images you can make a google search to visit tons of free websites which offer royalty free images for you to download. You can download these videos and use them in your Youtube Video if needed.
  3. The most important software required for Video creation in a software like Camtasia Studio which you can use to create and edit videos. Camtasia software is available for windows and Mac platform. Basic Camtasia software is available for free and it also has a paid version with some very advance features.
  4. You can use Google Keyword Planner Tool to help you decide important Keywords on which Videos can be made.

You can now create an account on so that you can promote other people products and earn some commission. After the account is created you need to search the clickbank website for products which you can promote.

The you create a video, it is important to share the video on websites like Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion. All you need to do is add your affiliate link , created through clickbank in the description of the video and put important keywords in title. You should also add the description and necessary tags.

After you upload the video on the above site, you should share it on social media like Facebook, Twitter and with your friends. After few days you will see video ranking improve and if you see people comments, it is a nice gesture to reply to their questions and keep in touch. This is important as more people revisit your channel and share it as you add a personal touch to it, it will also increase your video visibility and  improve its viewership.


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