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IoT devices track real-time floods in UK

The residents of Oxford, England can now view interactive and online map that show real time water levels in and around Oxford, by taking measurements taken by Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

About 35 IoT devices have been places around this area until now, including sensors which monitor water levels in the streams, groundwater and basins of Cherwell river and Thames. There are plans to add more sensors in the future.

This IoT based technology is intended to create an extensive, early warning system for flood prone areas in Oxford for the first time in UK.

The devices use TV signal radio frequencies to transmit data to a central control centre. Nominet which is a prominent smart city company compiles the map. Nominet which has compiled a database that informs devices on which frequencies that can use so as not to disrupt other signals.

Nominet CEO, Russell Haworth says that Internet of Things goes well beyond home into the real world as demonstrated with Flood Network. He says that if this system can work in Oxford, it can work anywhere.

Russell Haworth emphasized the growing need for importance of effective flood monitoring system to reduce disaster.

Oxford flood network map by Nominet can be viewed here. https://map.flood.network/

The map released comes at a time when flood related disasters have been on the rise globally.


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