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List of Best Email Service Providers

With the advancement in the field of computer technology there is emerging needs in different sectors for up gradation in communication which lead to increment in email service providers they came up with innovative a classic email services.

It’s not a cup of tea for a common man to select the best email service with in a snap, for this evaluating each and every feature with full concentration by taking into consideration the efficiency level along with the economic factor of email services is must. Along with that we must take into account speed, accuracy, time consuming factor, anti-spam features and many more. An email service apart from this must be secure and safe all the vital and important documents must not get leaked it should be confidential therefore it should be reliable and trustworthy.

An email service should be always productive and handy. As we use email services in each and every field whether is companies, industries, colleges, hospitals and many more so it should be fast so that with in a snap the consumer is satisfied and next time even he will be forced to the same email service provider.

There are n number of alternatives in different areas but we always prefer the best one. This is why we have created a list of the 7 best email service providers by taking in care of each and every aspect.

Top 7 mail services:

  1. Gmail

The most frequently used and one of the most popular free services across this entire world Gmail  provided by Google is the one of efficient and effective service as it satisfies its customers at its fullest with numerous features and the simplest graphic user interface which is preferred and appreciated all around the globe. As it owns some of the best characteristics:

storing capacity: Giant tech Googlethis amazing  feature is generally used for Google drive and keeping back up of Google plus photos as it facilitates 15gb of free storage to its customers so the customer is always  free from worry about space and can concentrate on core areas.

security: when users are working upon world’s most reliable and trustworthy search engine i.e.Google so they are free from the fear of security as they are in the right hands as Gmail is completely safe and assures customers that the safety of documents is their responsibility as features like hypertext transfer protocol has assured consumers that malware, hacking will be authenticated and will not allow outsiders to peep in personal fields.


Microsoft has introduced outlook which gained popularity in short span of time which was previously famous as Hotmail as provided by windows 8 it facilitates easy interface it is better than Gmail when the user is concerned with privacy.

MS integration: Microsoft office is fully integrated in so that it has direct access to email dashboard which actually saves plenty of time:  one of its important feature is virus scanning with unlimited storage, even IMAP POP3 are supported by it. And an ultimate combination OF social networking sites and Skype has enabled the users to chat and video calling with their friends and relatives.

  1. Yahoo mail:

followed by Gmail yahoo mail is most popular and frequently operated free email service soon as the customers sign up to yahoo mail they are provided with free 1TB free storage capacity as men is a social animal yahoo messenger has enabled users to be in touch with anyone around the globe. With SMS messaging and be updated with the social world.

  1. AOL Mail

American online which is popularly known as AOL mail AOL possess some of very fascinating services like spell checker spam detector along with storage accuracy and time saving. So in this world of technology AOL is playing a vital role, and is usually preferred for personal use.

  1. Zoho Mail

 zoho mail provides the customers with best and cleaner interface its most vital feature is privacy its popularity is increasing at a rocket speed its uses in the business world as well. Its main and most appreciated features like ios & android apps, 99.9% up-time, POP/IMAP migration and many more. Zoho mail provides therefore best email services at the same time assuring security to its customers.

 6 .

United internet a company of Germany came with one of the best free email service provider which became popular among users very fast. Users adopted and found it very convenient as it provides unlimited storage and great security against virus.

7 .  Yandex Mail

Russian company introduced yandex mail one of the best email service provider like others even yandex mail has provides access to SSL, POP/IMAP support and more.It provides protection against spam boron  a technology  and a web antivirus. Even yendex has enabled its users to  operate yandex app via mobile phones and satisfies its customers at it maximum.

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