online schools for information technology

Online schools for information technology

Information technology has taken the world by a storm leading to nothing less than a revolution. I.T is upcoming and newly emerging field. With n number of schools providing degree for the same Pennsylvania state and Drexel are highly popular among them.

Do you want to grab a lucrative degree in this flourishing industry online? Are you curious to know about the best online institutes for Information technology?

If yes then don’t worry you are on the right track. We have enlisted six best institutes providing IT degrees to the aspirant students online. We have assessed thousands of well renowned universities on the basis of their reputation, reviews from ex-students, fees structure, infrastructure, faculty, extra facilities available and the history of the institutes.


Information technology boasts as one of the most quickly developing tech industry, its courses are well planned and job security in this field is currently the best. Students pay a good chunk of fortune in this process which makes this course extravagant. But don’t worry, the salary packages offered to the students are sky rocketing, with increase in about 13.2% every year.

  1. Pennsylvania university situated in university park facilitate the upcoming generation with bachelors in information of science along with technology, so as to enable the students to pursue their career in IT and make a commendable contribution in every sector of economy by enhancing their intellectual skills and talent.Tuition fees is around $530 per credit plus per

Semester fees between $84 and $284.

The highly reputed and qualified faculties who conduct the on-campus classes also teach the online courses and as soon as the bachelor degree is acquired by the students the online students also get the benefit of same diploma as the on-site students.

  • The outstanding Penn state’s IST programs are ranked 4th in US news and world reports 2015 list.


  1. Drexel Universitylocated in Philadelphia followed by Pennsylvania is ranked as 11th in 2015. They offer bachelor’s degree in computing and technology along with that master’s degree in health informatics, information system and other related areas. With the masters in their hand students get the specialization and make their way clear to achieve success in the same.

Students with bachelor and master degree in their treasure can apply to infinite industries leading to high profiled white-collar jobs in any part of this world. As it’s correctly quoted with information technology the world has become a small village.


  1. & 4. UMASS online and ASU have provided a great support by preparing students for innovative fields like web design and interactive media. Students acquire technical skills and solve out technological problems with in a snap as the curriculum includes basic general education along with practical training.

Tuition fees of UMASS is approx. $365 per credit and 1125 per course.

Popular   online IT programs Fulton schools   at   ASU of engineering is equipped with an online Bachelor of Science and info tech and BS/ MSTech   in graphic information technology which has built an extraordinary demand in the market.

Students are facilitated with job experience with several IT giants each semester. They work with the experts on few actual IT problems before they are certified with their degree.


  1. University of Denver:

Students in this university are trained under experienced faculty concentrating majorly on system analysis, system designing, networking, and web designing.

Along with IT classes like database fundamentals, advanced system designing and analysis, modes of networking students also compete in several core classes like leadership, creativity, and innovation skills. Students are also trained from modes and nodes of transportation, geography and world politics.

Credits required: 45-180.

Tuition costs: $525 per online credit.

  1. Colorado State University:

This is a 120 credits core curriculum program which tailors its students with all the basic IT amenities. They ensure job placement with high salary packages. The elective requirements along with general education imbibed in the students help them to compete globally. The program also covers up all the practical knowledge in various fields of IT.

Credits required: 120

Tuition cost: $350 per sem.








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