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The IT sector is sky rocketing currently in the tech market. With growing competition and demands for superior skills attaining Master’s degree has become an essential pre-requisite. Australia is one of the most popular education destinations for the students across all corners of the world. The master’s degree takes around 1.5-2 years and the fees structure vary greatly ranging from $15000-$30000. Australia has some of the world’s finest universities with great campuses, faculty and facilities. A number of universities provide an option to their students to do a specialization course such as business intelligence, web and games designing, big data management, cloud computing, data mining and the list goes on forever.

We have created a list of best universities providing the master’s degree in IT. Our ratings are based on numerous factors including faculty, fees structure, scholarship opportunities, faculty, alumni reviews and their history.

RMIT University

RMIT is a Melbourne based university which holds the tag of Australia’s largest tertiary institution. This technology and designing institute was among the top 20 universities worldwide.

It provides a course developed to help the students excel in every aspect of ICT. Students here learn fundamental tech skills which are complimented classes to gain expertise in various key areas including analysis and algorithms, programming language designing, data management and cloud computing. The students are also provided with option to specialize in one of the important fields like big data, software architecture, web designing etc.

The course duration is 2 years and the annual fee (tuition) is around AU$29000.

University of Technology (UTS)

UTS is well renowned for its practical approach of imparting the knowledge to their students. They ensure you are not only graduate but have all the instincts required to survive in the competitive world by providing as much experience as possible. They also provide exposure and workshops so that the students have the real world approach to problem solving tasks and they are also prepared to meet the needs of the employees. They were provided five star ratings by the QSTM. The university was also awarded a place in the shanghai world academic rankings.

The wide range of course availabilities tailor the student fit for their career development needs. They provide the options of specialization in software engeenering, data mining ,computer graphics and information system management etc. The course is 2 of years and the annual fee is AU$27,300. They aslo provide a wide range of scholarship opportunities.

Queensland University of Technology (QUT)

This Brisbane based university is relatively young but still it managed to get a five star rating which made the institute only the second university in Queensland to do so in 2012. The ERA rankings awarded this Brisbane based institute a complete five star rating making the university the solitary Australian institute with the ultimate honor.

The program prepares the students to specialize in database management, software engineering, programming and designing. You can also choose you field to attain majors from the list of digital environments, IT, Information management, software architect etc. the institute charges only AU$25,200 annualy for this 2 year course.

Monash University

Monash University is regarded as the best Australian university for engineering and computer science. It was also ranked 91st in the world rankings. The Monash University is famous for its innovative teaching and research style.

The course prepares each and every student for work in the global level IT industries. They also provide a unique feature for the students to decide between either industry experiences based or research based project to support their PG degree. The university’s teaching faculty is highly rated and the facilities provided our top class. The course include advanced security system, cloud computing, advanced mobile system, big data management and processing, network and software infrastructure, business intelligence and many more… the university is based in Melbourne and the fee for the 2 year course is about AU$30,700 annually.


La Trobe University

The university has evolved considerably since its foundation in 1967. The university has six campuses and can accommodate an exceptionally large amount of students i.e., 34,000+.

The university was placed in top 50 in the QS world University rankings and is certainly Australia’s on of the largest higher study institute.

The course provides understanding and wholesome development of the students in numerous aspects of IT. The students are imparted with A grade knowledge across 3 major dimensions which consist of business subjects, industry based business intelligence and industry based IT tools. These dimensions mainly focus on enterprise information, business intelligence, data management, and entrepreneurship and information systems. This Melbourne based institutes charges annual fee of around AU$24,400.


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