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How Internet of Things (IoT) is Set to change our lives in future

IoT device

A new study has found that the average household in US and Australia will have around 30 devices connected in just over 3 years time, which is triple of what is being used now. By 2020, the large if the report is to be believe we will see a large number of appliances that are being used every day will be ...

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Study finds that 80 percent of IoT devices are Vulnerable


A recent study conducted by Ponemon Institute which was sponsored by Arxan Technologies and IBM found that 80 perfect of Internet of Things apps are vulnerable and not tested complete for high security. The study also pointed out that there is a lack of urgency on the part of companies and professionals to address the risk. The Ponemon Institute surveyed ...

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IoT devices track real-time floods in UK

flood monitoring

The residents of Oxford, England can now view interactive and online map that show real time water levels in and around Oxford, by taking measurements taken by Internet of Things (IoT) devices. About 35 IoT devices have been places around this area until now, including sensors which monitor water levels in the streams, groundwater and basins of Cherwell river and ...

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Common used of IOT – Internet of Things in Future

IOT Internet of Things

IOT (Internet of things) has wide application across all markets and industries. The use spreads through various user groups from those who want to reduce energy use at home to large organizations who want to streamline their operations. Internet of things is becoming very critical in many industries as technology advances and we move towards advanced automation imagined in the ...

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What is Internet of Things (IOT) and how it works

Internet of Things

When people talk about the next big thing in technology, there imagination lacks few important things that going to rule the future and the important thing is that this technology is already there in a big shape. What is Internet of Things (IOT) and how it works? Internet of things is the new word in the technology world, but it ...

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