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What is Internet of Things (IOT) and how it works

When people talk about the next big thing in technology, there imagination lacks few important things that going to rule the future and the important thing is that this technology is already there in a big shape.

What is Internet of Things (IOT) and how it works?

Internet of things is the new word in the technology world, but it is already creating a storm in the tech world. The Internet of Things or (IOT) revolves around greater machine-to-machine communication; it’s built on networks of data-gathering sensors and cloud computing; it’s virtual, mobile and instantaneous connection; and it is believed that IOT is going to make everything in our lives from streetlights to traffic management to city surveillance “smart.”

For past focused has been on machine-to-machine communication (M2M); devices talking with similar devices. When we want these devices to act “smart” we are looking for looking for something more than M2M communication, we are looking at sensors which make these machines highly smart.

A sensor is not actually a machine, as it does not do anything that the machine is supposed to do. A sensor measures, evaluates and gathers data. The IOT comes together with the connection of machine and sensors. The true worth of IOT is that is creates all the information by way of sensors and analyzes it in real time.

Cloud based applications are in place to interpret and transmit data coming from all the sensors. The cloud is what enables these apps to work for you anywhere and anytime.

Some examples of how Internet of Things (IOT) can help:



Let’s look at one example. In Minnesota year 2007 a bridge collapsed due to steel plates that were unable to handle bridge load. When we build bridges we can put sensors to monitor and alert before such catastrophe happens.

Another example is the having sensors in cities which are likely to get flooded during rains. The scope of IOT technology is not limited to any bridge or for floods disaster management. It has a much wider role which includes various implements in smart city which is a new world wide concept. From city surveillance to traffic management, IOT has a lot to contribute.  With these solutions you will have smart city grid interact with each other. You are going to have traffic flow optimization, with better stoplights that respond to changes in traffic flow.

Thanks to IOT we will have sensors monitoring and tracking all sorts of data from machines to cloud based apps in real time. With this we will have smart city and smart solutions.

The advantages of IOT is huge, it is not just about simple machine communication and money saving. It is a fundamental shift from how machines have behaved in the past. With IOT these machines become intelligent and smart.

Of all the important technology that is happening world over, perhaps the biggest is the Internet of Things (IOT), it is going to open many opportunities in the coming years.


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