Security, compliance, productivity. Accelerated.

In this week’s Solution Brief by Microsoft, ‘Security, compliance, productivity. Accelerated.’, professionals can learn how Devicie reshapes the way organizations manage their Microsoft 365 environment. Devicie’s generative configuration engine and hyperautomation promise significant efficiency gains, boosting productivity and ensuring a robust security posture without overburdening IT resources. Key benefits highlighted in the Brief include rapid deployment, achieving a custom-tailored Intune instance; resource efficiency through automation; assured compliance; and zero-touch provisioning. The Forrester TEI Study cited in the Brief estimates potential annual savings of over $2 million, showcasing the tangible financial advantages of modern device management. With Devicie, companies can streamline their operations and fast-track achieving a zero-trust environment across all endpoints. By reading this Brief, organizations can understand the pathways to modern management and the support offered by to achieve heightened security and compliance while enhancing overall productivity.

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Achieving sustainable growth with Azure and FinOps best practices

Companies worldwide are seeking to reduce their IT carbon footprint and achieve a more sustainable future by focusing on efficiency and cost optimization.

Read this blog post for an in-depth look at two new tools from Microsoft Azure AI that will help your company optimize Azure emissions, align IT sustainability with ESG regulations, measure and reduce your overall emissions.

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Buzzing on Microsoft Teams Rooms technology internally at Microsoft

Explore inclusive hybrid meeting experiences for both our employees here at Microsoft and for our Microsoft Teams Rooms customers. Read this blog article for the latest news about how Microsoft Digital (MSD), Microsoft’s IT organization, creates inclusive cutting-edge hybrid meeting experiences for both their employees at Microsoft and their Microsoft Teams Rooms customers.

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Microsoft Defender Experts for XDR

If your cybersecurity team or SOC is getting overwhelmed, you should know about Microsoft’s Defender Experts for XDR, a service that supports your in-house staff when needed.

Powered by Microsoft’s industry-leading Defender XDR suite, Defender Experts for XDR can help your security team to triage, investigate and respond to incidents and help stop attackers before they can get to your data.

Download and read this Microsoft datasheet to get all the details.

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Simplifying cloud migration and modernization with Microsoft Azure

Migrating to the cloud and modernizing resources in today’s rapidly changing and complex internet landscape can be a major challenge for organizations like yours. Fortunately, a solution is at hand.

Download this eBook for an in-depth exploration of cloud migration best practices, strategies, and use cases. Use it to equip your employees and IT team with actionable insights they need to navigate complexities, mitigate risks, and maximize the benefits of Azure for your customers.

Contact LogicCloud IT, Inc. to discuss simplifying and modernizing your migration to the cloud with Azure.

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