Belfius uses Microsoft Azure Machine Learning to help detect fraud and money laundering

When Belfius, a prominent Belgian bank, started using AI and Machine Learning in operations, they struggled to synergize results for monitoring potential illegal activity. What did they do? Read this insightful customer story showing how by using Azure Machine Learning, Azure Synapse Analytics and Azure Databricks Belfius improved development time, increased efficiency and gained reliability.

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Simplifying cloud migration and modernization journey with Microsoft Azure

Digital transformation is a driving force in business. And enterprises today are accelerating digital initiatives to gain a competitive edge. Read this eBook to see why cloud is such an important tool in this process and how Microsoft Azure enables you to start and accelerate migration at the pace you choose.

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What is machine learning?

Processing mathematical models of data to help a computer learn without direct instruction is how machine learning (ML) is defined. However, as you probably know already, there’s so much more to ML. See this instructive website by Microsoft Azure explaining how ML works to solve problems, how it’s used in modern industry and how ML learning algorithms are developed.

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Microsoft Teams: Building a Foundation for the Future

Teams has grown to serve over 320 million monthly active users across 181 markets and 44 languages. Today, more than 75% of monthly active users are using the new built-from-the-ground-up desktop app for Windows and Mac. But a new era is on the way.

Read this blog for a deep dive into the many investments Microsoft is making across the board in the fundamentals of Teams, setting a new standard for performance, reliability, and simplicity.

Contact LogicCloud IT, Inc. to get started with the new era of Microsoft Teams.

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5 ways to secure identity and access for 2024 | Microsoft Security Blog

Cyber threats are rising rapidly with 30 billion attempted password attacks per month, according to Microsoft. AI is helping attackers by launching and automating new and sophisticated cyberattacks. The best defense is a comprehensive strategy that incorporates identity access management and Microsoft AI-powered CoPilot. Read this Microsoft article to get advice for protecting your organization from cyberattacks in 2024

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