Tech Providers in UK Financial Services Face Direct Regulation

IT providers in the U.K.’s financial services sector will soon face increased regulations.

The goal of the Financial Services and Markets Bill is to ensure the resilience of the banking industry by better regulating the IT providers that serve them. The regulations, which come from the Bank of England’s Financial Policy Committee, are designed to align with the EU’s Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA). Learn more about these coming regulations by reading this article.

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Vulnerability Assessment Survey

The security operations maturity self- assessment helps you evaluate how prepared your security operations team is to detect, respond and recover from cyber-attacks. Use this tool to determine the stage in security maturity model you’ve reached and get recommendations for processes and tooling that can increase preparedness.

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The Case for Cloud Adoption in Financial Services Grows Stronger

Cloud infrastructure and applications have become significantly more secure and the advantages of cloud computing have grown.

As financial services expert Yvonne Dunn notes, “The reasons for financial institutions to move systems and data to the cloud have never been more compelling – and the barriers to doing so are diminishing.” In this article, Dunn explains the key benefits driving financial services companies to adopt the cloud. Read the blog here.

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