How Microsoft 365 Copilot works

Are you looking ahead to the solutions of tomorrow? Get a look at them today by watching this eye-opening video showing how large language models work. See what happens when you can connect them to your organization’s data in a manner that’s safe and aligns with your organization’s security, compliance and privacy policies.

Building a Foundation for AI Success: A Leader’s Guide

The question facing nearly every business leader is how can AI-driven innovations drive their organization forward? If this describes your situation, download this exclusive eBook showing the path to a successful transformation with generative AI that promotes trust among employees, customers, partners and other stakeholders.

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Executive Summary, Forrester TEI of Windows 11 Pro Devices

To better understand the benefits, costs, and risks associated with Windows 11, research firm Forrester interviewed organizations with experience using new Windows 11 Pro devices.

In this report, Forrester lays out the benefits of Windows 11 such as improvements in security risk profiles and the accelerated deployment and provision of the devices. The report also looks at the costs and challenges of adopting Windows 11 Pro devices.

Read the executive summary of the report.

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Create Business Value From AI

It’s clear that the world is at the dawn of generative AI, which is poised to open up the global economic landscape as organizations work to be the first in their industries to take advantage of its limitless capabilities. Watch this illuminating video by Microsoft’s Jessica Hawk focusing on the incredible potential of businesses powered by AI.

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Deploying Stronger Security for Flexible Work

Navigating the complexities of remote work security? Microsoft’s insightful blog post, “Deploying Stronger Security for Flexible Work,” is your essential read. It tackles the critical balance between enabling flexible work arrangements and ensuring ironclad security against rising cyber threats. Read the blog post and gain practical tips on enhancing your digital defenses without sacrificing the agility your team needs.

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Windows 11 Security Guide: Powerful Security by Design

Businesses worldwide are moving toward secure-by-design and secure-by-default strategies, which treat security as a business requirement, not just a technical feature.

With a secure-by-default strategy, businesses can proactively reduce risk and exposure to threats because products have security features already built in and enabled.

We’re happy to tell you that Microsoft built Windows 11 to be secure by design and secure by default. Because in Windows 11, hardware and software work together to shrink the attack surface, protect system integrity, and shield valuable data. Windows 11 is designed with layers of security enabled by default, so you can focus on your work, not your security settings. Out-of-the-box features such as credential safeguards, malware shields and application protection.

Download this Windows security guide to learn more about how Windows 11 supports Microsoft’s security-by-design and default strategy.

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Worldwide AI Governance Platforms 2023

Generative AI brings unprecedented opportunities to all organizations as well as incredible responsibility. It has a direct impact on business operations at all levels and brings the potential of unlimited growth. It also brings up legitimate concerns about data privacy, security and governance. Read this IDC MarketScape Report about the landscape of responsible AI management, including tips for AI platform buyers.

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