Fiserv uses Microsoft Azure to simplify payment operations and reduce costs for its financial institution clients

When Fiserv sought to help its financial institution clients modernize and transform payment processing infrastructure, the global financial services company extended its Enterprise Payments Platform to the cloud on Microsoft Azure. Get the story to learn from Fiserv’s experience using Microsoft Azure to deliver real-time payment processing, simplify payment operations and reduce costs.

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Fannie Mae Builds Productivity and Data Safety with Microsoft Security and Data Protection Solutions

Fannie Mae, the U.S. organization that facilitates mortgage financing, collects and analyzes massive amounts of data to make decisions. Much of that data is highly sensitive information about its customers.

To protect that data, as well as make it accessible for analysis, Fannie Mae relies on Microsoft’s Azure platform, Microsoft Purview Data Loss Prevention and Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps. This customer explains why and how Fannie Mae relies on the cloud-native Azure platform and Microsoft security solutions to safeguard critical data. Read it here.

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End user passwordless utopia

With all the different technologies available in Azure and Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), it’s easy to miss the bigger picture and how they all play into the end-user experience. Some promote convenience; others, security. All lessen the authentication burden on users and increase security posture. Read this technical blog for a walkthrough.

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