Simplifying cloud migration and modernization with Microsoft Azure

Don’t let the challenges and complexities of cloud migration hold you back any longer. Download this eBook and empower your employees and IT team with the actionable insights they need to navigate the complexities of cloud adoption with confidence, mitigate potential risks and overcome obstacles, and maximize the benefits of @Azure for your business.

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Introducing modern data governance for the era of AI

AI governance is not only a matter of compliance and risk management. It also provides you with a strategic advantage and a trusted source to accelerate returns on your AI investment. How have you handled AI governance so far? Take a look at this blog post about Purview from @Microsoft Azure. This is the solution that unifies data protection and governance capabilities, simplifies actions through business-friendly profiles and terminology with AI-powered business efficiency.

Migrate to Azure with Confidence

Check out this infographic to discover how Azure’s latest innovations make modernizing workloads a breeze while maintaining absolute security. For example, you can now unlock innovation with AI capabilities, enable secure remote work by deploying virtual desktops/apps quickly via Azure Virtual Desktop, and continuously assess cloud resource security with Defender for Cloud.

Your Devs will love the new native .NET support in App Service & Azure Kubernetes Service for flexibility & consistency. Plus, mission-critical Windows Server & SQL Server apps can be run seamlessly in Azure. So, no more complex on-prem setups or VPN struggles.

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