Alabama Appellate Courts System transforms and modernizes judicial operations with Azure.

When the Alabama Appellate Court System needed to overhaul and upgrade its outdated but still functional IT infrastructure, they called on @Microsoft to digitize justice systems and accelerate secure and transparent proceedings. By migrating many of its on-premises operations to a more secure cloud environment on Microsoft Azure, justices, employees, and 6,000 outside attorneys benefit from remote access, more efficient operations, and improved security.

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New Technology: The Projected Total Economic Impact™ of Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform

Your organization’s ability to integrate and adopt advanced technologies like AI hinges on the strength and agility of your infrastructure. @Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform delivers a projected ROI of 95% – 232%. How else do you benefit? Download your complimentary copy of @Forrester’s TEI report for findings on projected cost savings and other quantified business benefits.

With Copilot, Every Meeting is a ‘Digital Artifact’

According to @Microsoft 2023 Work Trend Index, employees see inefficient meetings as their top productivity disruptor. What have you distilled from a day full of department meetings? If you’d like to see how meetings can be transformed, look at this blog showing how Microsoft Copilot gives you the ability to unlock a new level of efficiency and awareness from the old-fashioned, time-consuming meeting.

The Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform — Unleash your data and accelerate your transformation

Data solutions created today must be designed to ensure they can easily manage spikes in data, new workloads and new technologies for many years to come. How confident are you that your solution can manage future advances? Read this blog about the advantages of the @Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform, the innovative solution that lets you take advantage of integrated advanced analytics and the latest AI tools.

Three Smart Ways to Exceed Your Customers’ Digital Expectations

Are you customer-obsessed enough to exceed your customers’ expectations? To make their life simpler? And your job easier? Download this eBook for three ways your leaders and teams, powered by Azure AI tools and services, can help your customers

✅ Make the right financial decisions

✅ Provide them with accurate and relevant information

✅ Guide them through the decision-making process

✅ Address their concerns or questions.

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The Total Economic Impact™ Of Microsoft Azure AI

Artificial intelligence is a critical component for enterprises that want to build differentiated

experiences and applications. How far are you in your AI journey? If you think you could be further along, download this Forrester analyst report showing how organizations using @Microsoft Azure AI have been able to minimize costs, automate workflows and deliver new or improved services to clients and customers.

Embarking on the Microsoft Teams Premium Adoption Journey

Organizations with successful hybrid and remote work programs have seen a need for a collaboration solution that makes meetings more personalized, intelligent and protected. What are you looking for in next-gen software? Look at this blog to find out about the advantages of @Microsoft Teams Premium, the collaboration solution with enhanced features to make Teams meetings even more personalized, intelligent and protected.

Finance in the fast lane

Still on the fence about shifting your operations to the Microsoft Azure Cloud? Maybe this story about how @Microsoft Azure API Management future-proofed a top asset manager in Malaysia will help you make up your mind to digitize, digitize, digitize.

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