Howard University doubles security score and saves $1 million annually

Howard University, a leading historically Black college in Washington, DC, doubled its security score in less than a year after expanding its use of Microsoft Azure.

After suffering a ransomware attack in 2021, the university sought to strengthen its security with Microsoft solutions. In just three weeks, Howard restored all core IT services, increased efficiency, boosted security and saved money,

Read the full story to learn what they accomplished and how.

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Navigate hybrid work with Microsoft Teams Rooms

Making hybrid meetings more inclusive, secure, flexible and simple to manage is a challenge when participants join from a variety of places. With Microsoft Teams and the Teams Rooms feature, you can easily address these challenges AND make hybrid meetings more productive. To see how take the Microsoft interactive tour, “Navigate hybrid work with Microsoft Teams Rooms.” Get a step-by-step walkthrough of how Microsoft Teams and Teams Rooms transform hybrid meetings into dynamic, collaborative hubs. See how It combines the familiar digital workspace of Microsoft Teams with certified audio and visual devices to bridge the gap between remote and office-based teams and maximize inclusivity, ease of use, flexibility and security.

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Azure Virtual Desktop Watermarking Support

Watermarking printed documents and PDFs is a common practice to keep them from being copied. Now you can also watermark digital screen views and screen shots with the new Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop Watermarking feature.

Watermarking is an optional protection feature to Screen Capture in Virtual Desktop. Read how to access support for the Watermarking feature in this article.

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Microsoft Teams Rooms

Looking to transform meeting spaces into collaborative hubs? Discover the power of Microsoft Teams Rooms and how it makes hybrid meetings more inclusive, secure, flexible and easy to manage. Get an at-a-glance of features that foster seamless collaboration including a user-friendly interface to start meetings on time, instantly project presentations and share content with remote participants. See how Teams Rooms delivers the flexibility to select the right system and audio-video peripherals from preferred tech vendors like Dell, Yealink and Logitech. Read the blog, watch the video to start getting more from your hybrid meetings today!

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Build more connections with communities in Microsoft Teams and GroupMe features

Thanks to customer input, recent enhancements to communities in the free version of Microsoft Teams make it easier than ever for people to come together, connect, share and collaborate. This blog post delves into features and how they work. Read the blog to learn how enhancements to the free version of Teams give community owners more control with features that streamline approving requests to join, assigning controls, sharing posts, and sending invitations to multiple emails and phone numbers. See how Microsoft Teams accelerates creativity with features like Microsoft Designer, an AI-powered tool for designing banners and community announcements, and camera functions for simpler video recordings. Read “Build more connections with communities in Microsoft Teams and GroupMe features and contact LogicCloud IT, Inc. to learn how we can help you make the most of Microsoft Teams’ community-building capabilities.

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