Make every kind of meeting better

Staff members spend an average of 10 hours each week in meetings, but research involving more than 800 leaders tells us that the more digital our world becomes, the more members need connection with others on their team. This document takes a closer look at the five different types of meetings and how to drive greater satisfaction for each.

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Do you have an innovation strategy?

Granlund, a top Finnish design, consultancy, and software services firm, specializes in energy efficiency. To stay ahead, they needed to create a fresh strategy for innovation. In developing their strategy, they outlined four focus areas, one of which includes establishing tools and methods for collaboration. Using tools like DocuSign can help streamline document sharing and collaboration with people inside and outside of your organization.

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Improve your agency’s collaboration, transparency, and sustainability. Get started with Microsoft 365.

To increase access to their services, governments can now literally place them in the hands of their citizens via intuitive, mobile-first applications and websites that provide greater visibility and efficiency. This approach greatly reduces citizens’ efforts toward solving simple administrative tasks. This in turn allows public employees to focus more time on responsibilities with higher impacts, such as delivering services to those who most need them.

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Meet Surface Studio 2 for Federal

Microsoft can help organizations like yours develop and execute technology strategies that enhance productivity with improved security.

The new Surface Studio 2 for Federal optimizes a zero-gravity, counterbalance hinge that allows you to move seamlessly from Desktop to Studio Mode. It truly transforms your workspace! Along with high level security and capabilities to support professional-grade software, Surface Studio 2 for Federal is the most powerful Surface yet. Look at this document for more details!

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Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams make teamwork seamless. Built for the modern workplace, they’re designed to help your organization get rid of blocks to collaboration and enable your teams to do their best work. By coupling these tools with Surface devices, you unlock their full potential—and with Zero Touch Deployment, it’s easy to get started!

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Government data protection—earning and retaining the public’s trust with Microsoft 365

More and more organizations are pivoting to a “Zero Trust” security model. This means that all users and devices, both inside and outside of the network, receive the same security checks with regard to data, applications, devices, and users. Read this blog by Senior Director of Industry Marketing Diana Pallais to better understand the increased security measures that organizations are adopting in order to build citizen confidence and trust in government institutions.

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