Azure Defender for IoT helps Global Geological Materials Company Secure Production and Bridge the IT/OT Gap

Keeping pace with digital transformation isn’t easy, particularly when your company is mainly focused on pulling rocks from the ground. This customer success story highlights how an IoT security solution became a top priority for global lime and minerals producer Lhoist to keep digital transformation from stalling. Microsoft Azure Defender for IoT has enabled Lhoist’s critical OT equipment to be more connected to the plant’s IT network, which is in turn connected to the larger organization’s corporate IT network. With 80 plants in more than 25 countries, this unifying of IT security with industrial automation was a critical factor in the company’s continued digital transformation evolution. Read the story to learn from Lhoist’s experience.

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Microsoft 365 Defender and Azure Sentinel Integration

Azure Sentinel is Microsoft’s cloud-native SIEM for modern SecOps. Requiring no infrastructure, it eliminates worries about scaling up and takes just minutes to set up. Watch this demo video to see how Azure Sentinel enables you to stream all Microsoft 365 Defender incidents into the SIEM and keep them synchronized. Get in touch to discuss how the team at LogicCloud IT, Inc. can help you make the most of your incident data to rapidly and effectively triage and investigate in Sentinel.

The Future of Hybrid Work: 5 Key Questions Answered with Data

Covid variants threw a wrench in many organizations’ return-to-office plans. Mass migrations back to the office haven’t happened — leaving employees and employers alike preparing for what the new office environment will be. While ideas for what it should look like vary, the Gallup research referenced in this article makes one thing clear: We’re not returning to the same workplace we left behind in 2020. Read the article for 5 key questions Gallup recommends exploring when transitioning to hybrid work. Based on the experiences, needs and plans of over 140,000 U.S. employees surveyed, the article provides insight for organizations seeking a path forward.

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New Research Shows IoT and OT Innovation is Critical to Business but Comes with Significant Risk

This blog explores the security risks inherent with IoT/OT and concludes adoption is critical even with the security challenges. In addition, it provides a link to a collaborative report from Microsoft and the Ponemon Institute highligting data on the state of IoT and OT security from a customer’s perspective. Read the blog for a review of the research and quantified findings.

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