Virtual Desktops on Microsoft Azure

Citrix Virtual Desktops service simplifies Windows deployment. You can deploy desktops quickly, manage at scale and deliver a rich user access experience from a single management plane. Read this super-short blog for a quick-hitting list of what you can do with Virtual Desktops on Microsoft Azure and how you can get started.

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Strabag SE builds a risk management solution to improve efficiency using Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform

Strabag SE, a global construction company, has partnered with Microsoft to drive digitalization and innovation in the construction industry. Recognizing the need for operational efficiencies through data, Strabag built a Data Science Hub in collaboration with Microsoft. This central entity enabled them to collect and leverage decentralized data for valuable insights.

One notable success is their AI-based risk management solution, which uses algorithms to identify at-risk construction projects. By predicting potential failures, Strabag saves time and reduces financial losses. The algorithm has achieved an impressive 80% accuracy in risk prediction with just three months of data.

Through Microsoft’s Intelligent Data Platform, Strabag established a centralized system to connect and analyze data from various sources. This paved the way for developing use cases to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs globally.

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2023 State of Goal Setting Report

The process of setting goals in a systematic way before managing and sharing progress is the nucleus for organizational accomplishment. Goals are created to define and attain success, but they are only useful when they are documented clearly and referred to regularly. In December 2022, Microsoft commissioned Forrester Consulting to examine the goal setting and management process within enterprise-sized companies globally, to understand the role that clear goal setting and management frameworks and outcomes play in business success and employee experience (EX). Download your complimentary copy of the Forrester report to explore key findings.

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Global consulting firm CAI boosts business agility and operational alignment with Viva Goals and the OKR framework

CAI helps clients design, deliver, operate, and maintain quality, critical manufacturing facilities by pooling the global resources of more than 800 employee-owners. As the company grew and expanded its services and delivery capabilities, the need for more modern goal setting and management approaches became apparent. That’s when CAI adopted Microsoft Viva Goals. Viva Goals is a module in the Microsoft Viva customer experience platform designed to enhance productivity, collaboration and employee wellbeing. Read this customer story to learn how CAI benefits from Viva Goals and its seamless integrations with Microsoft Teams and Power BI to better plan, manage and communicate objective and key results (OKR) frameworks to ensure alignment with business strategy.

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Azure Virtual Desktop Essentials: Intro and Full Tour

Azure Virtual Desktop works across your devices and apps to deliver full-featured experiences for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. The web client also allows you to access remote desktops and apps from almost any modern browser. This demo video takes you on a tour of Azure Virtual Desktop essentials. Watch the video for a walkthrough of what it is, how it works and configuration options.

Beiersdorf builds on decades of skin care research and accelerates innovation with Azure AI

Discover how Beiersdorf, a leading consumer goods company, tackled the challenge of efficient data management with Azure Cognitive Search. Their customer story showcases the power of AI-driven insights in transforming business operations. Learn how Beiersdorf harnessed advanced search capabilities to unlock valuable information, enhance decision-making, and boost productivity. Explore the company’s remarkable journey and gain valuable insights by reading the full customer story. Get inspired by the potential to accelerate innovation and take your business to new heights.

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Microsoft recognized as a Leader in the Forrester Wave: Data Security Platforms, Q1 2023

Organizations need to protect sensitive data including intellectual property, trade secrets, customer data and personally identifiable information from both insiders and external cyber attackers. A complex regulatory environment makes the protection of sensitive data and prevention of data exfiltration all the more urgent. To help customers navigate complex data landscapes, Microsoft focuses on delivering secure and intelligent, user-centric solutions to improve visibility and mitigate risk. We are excited to share that Forrester listed Microsoft as a Leader in its 2023 WaveTM for Data Security Platforms. Read this blog for a summary of the report which provides a detailed overview of vendor offerings, strategies and market presence.

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