How Aker Solutions is using cloud technology to empower its disparate workforce

Global integrated energy services company Aker Solutions is determined to bring about sustainable change in the energy sector. With a strategic focus on low-carbon and renewable solutions, and an ambitious target of having net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, the company is prioritizing digitalization as a means to achieve goals. Transitioning to Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) exemplifies this drive. This customer story describes why Aker Solutions chose AVD to help address latency and workload challenges while empowering remote workers with the high-performance compute functions they need to succeed. Read the story to learn how AVD helps Aker unify its disparate workforce as it leads in the transition to global energy.

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Will AI Fix Work?

The pace of work is outpacing our ability to keep up. AI is poised to create a whole new way of working. Read this summary of the Microsoft Work Trends Index Annual Report to explore key findings based on a global survey of 31,000 people, analysis of trillions of Microsoft 365 productivity signals and LinkedIn labor trends.

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What is Microsoft 365 for Business?

With a subscription to Microsoft 365 for Business, you can run your business in the cloud and get your work done with more efficiency. Watch this short video for an overview of productivity apps, business-class communication tools and cloud storage capabilities. Contact us to speak with a LogicCloud IT, Inc. Microsoft expert about your subscription options.

Building a Holistic Insider Risk Management Program

The risk landscape has changed dramatically with the growth of the digital landscape. The amount of data captured, copied and consumed is expected to rise to more than 180 zettabytes in the near future. Traditional ways of identifying and mitigating risks simply don’t work. Historically, organizations have focused on external threats; however, risks from within can be just as prevalent and harmful. These trends make it imperative to think about insider risk as a core part of your data protection strategy with a holistic approach including the right people, processes, training and tools. The Microsoft Security report, “Building a Holistic Insider Risk Management Program: 5 elements that help companies have stronger data protection and security while protecting user trust,” provides insight. Download the report for an inside look at how Microsoft shifted from focusing solely on risk management to thinking about building value and security culture and benefits it gained as a result.

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Giant Eagle reimagines communications, supports hybrid work model with Microsoft Teams

When Giant Eagle wanted to emphasize corporate values around racial equality and treating people with kindness and respect, it turned to Microsoft Teams live events. In this customer story, Giant Eagle shares its experience using Teams to bring presentations from two store locations to almost 17,000 team members. Get the story to see how Microsoft Teams helps the grocer create virtual and physical spaces that bring people together in new ways.

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Complimentary Cloud Reliability Consultation

Understanding the reliability of your cloud infrastructure is essential to identifying opportunities, areas for improvement and risks. In addition, it can help you establish performance goals to ensure your cloud infrastructure meets the needs of users and customers. Experts in cloud infrastructure planning and implementation, LogicCloud IT, Inc. can help you assess the reliability of yours. Receive a Complimentary Cloud Reliability Consultation when you schedule direct.

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Payette secures and extends on-premises BCDR while preparing for a cost-effective cloud future with Azure

Learn how Payette Professional Services achieved its modernization goals by moving to a hybrid environment with Microsoft Azure. Get the story describing the game-changing security and efficiency gains the company has made. Be inspired by the new ways Azure enables Payette to transform business operations and achieve peace of mind.

Read the customer success story now and contact us to learn how LogicCloud IT, Inc. can help you leverage Microsoft Azure to do more with less.

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NHS Supply Chain boosts productivity with Microsoft Surface devices

Discover how the NHS transformed patient care with Surface devices. Get the inspiring story of how it overcame digital challenges and improved healthcare outcomes. Learn how Microsoft’s technology empowered healthcare providers to enhance collaboration, streamline workflows, and deliver efficient care. Read the blog and take a deep dive into this remarkable customer story to gain insights into the power of technology in healthcare. Unlock the secrets behind the NHS’s success and get in touch to discuss how LogicCloud IT, Inc. can help you apply lessons learned to revolutionize your own organization.

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Free Work Trends Consultation

What workplace trends will have the biggest impact on how we work and live in the coming year? The answer will help you prepare for the future and empower employees with the insights, technology and support they need to move your organization forward. Having a vision of the business landscape ahead is critical to our work helping clients create and implement future-ready technology strategies. Receive a free Work Trends Consultation when you schedule direct.

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