Microsoft Copilot for Security provides immediate impact for the Microsoft Defender Experts team | Microsoft Security Blog

Microsoft’s Copilot AI assistant offers great opportunities for helping SOCs and other security professionals in their work. That’s why the Microsoft Defender Experts team has been exploring ways in which Copilot for Security can help them to streamline and optimize SOC capabilities — from improving communication clarity to data analysis and upskilling.

In this article, Microsoft brings you a new series of short videos showing how Copilot is helping navigate threat detection, investigation, and managed response.

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Fuel Application Innovation with AI Cloud Services

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, leveraging AI is crucial for organizations to stay competitive. The Microsoft-commissioned Forrester report, “Fuel Application Innovation With Cloud AI Services,” explores five use cases for implementing AI in the cloud and enabling businesses to quickly realize value and drive innovation. Discover how knowledge mining, document process automation, speech transcription and analytics, machine translation and conversational AI can reshape your applications and create a competitive edge. Discover 4 key findings based on an online survey of over 500 technical decision makers responsible for AI implementation at their companies. Gain insights into implementing AI without the need for a large data science team. Download the report now to fuel your application innovation.

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Analytics Lessons Learned: How five companies increased data value with unified analytics solutions

Even when well along on the journey to digital transformation, many organizations are still unable to extract timely and accurate insights from their data. How do they get back on the right track? Read this eBook about how unified cloud analytics help IT teams uncover new insights and explore data in a scalable, secure and timely manner.

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Del Monte Foods improves system uptime by 99.99%, saves 57% on infrastructure, and reduces security risk by 50%

When leadership at Del Monte Foods Inc. saw that their existing cloud infrastructure was leading to higher maintenance costs, limited scalability and performance bottlenecks, the company turned to Microsoft Azure as a solution. Read this revealing customer story highlighting how Del Monte reduced infrastructure costs and increased system uptime with the help of Azure and the Microsoft Defender security stack.

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Westpac transforms IT and enables secure, inclusive, flexible work with Windows 11 Enterprise

Westpac, one of the largest banks in Australia, wanted to improve support for its more than 40,000 people, including its hybrid workforce, by transforming its IT environment.

In 2023, the bank chose a solution based on Windows 11 Enterprise E5 and Microsoft cloud services which has since improved user experience for staff and supported secure flexible work that is inclusive of all work styles.

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