Manager Quick Guide: Adjusting to the Hybrid Workplace

Working together when apart. That may be a tough concept for many to grasp, but it’s become a necessity today and @Microsoft has some interesting insights in helping everyone adjust to the hybrid workplace. Download the guide to learn how to create a hybrid workplace where everyone can be at their best. When you’re done reading the guide, contact us to discuss how the team at LogicCloud IT, Inc. can get you started on the journey to the ideal hybrid work environment with a Microsoft hybrid work solution expert.

Retail Trends Playbook

Why scramble to adapt to the changing retail landscape when the @Microsoft Retail Trends Playbook can help you strategize a winning retail game plan. Get your playbook here.👇 After reviewing it, consider reaching out to a Microsoft Cloud for Retail expert from LogicCloud IT, Inc. for recommendations on taking your retail operation to the next level.

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10 Eye-Opening Data Breach Statistics

Don’t let passwords become your organization’s security Achilles’ heel.

Read the blog to stay abreast of the latest data breach statistics and how you can better protect your network.

Comment to tell us how LogicCloud IT, Inc. can help secure your network and we’ll have one of our Microsoft Security experts set up a brief one-on-one.

How Cybersecurity is Playing a Role in the Ukraine-Russia Conflict

In the Ukrainian-Russian conflict, cyber armies are waging war against government and military networks with waves of phishing attacks. How does this relate to the threat norms in your digital environment? How can LogicCloud IT, Inc. help you use intelligence to prioritize which data and systems need protection most? Consider sharing your ideas in the comments. Watch this 👇 to see what cyberwarfare looks like in action.

Microsoft Cloud for Retail

Are you using data to find new ways to engage with customers? How about using data to increase operational efficiency and maximize the cost-effectiveness of your marketing?

Watch the video to see how @Microsoft Cloud for Retail is illuminating the customer journey and redefining customer service.

A Microsoft partner, LogicCloud IT, Inc. is available to discuss steps to unlocking the power of Microsoft Cloud for Retail for your organization.

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How confident are you that your employees’ passwords are protected? Have you taken steps to upgrade your password security? Check here regularly for LogicCloud IT, Inc. updates on how @Microsoft solutions improve password security. @msftsecurity #MicroSoftSecurity

How confident are you your employees’ passwords are protected? What steps have you taken to upgrade your password security to align with advanced cyber risks? DM us or comment with your thoughts on password security best practices and let us show you how @Microsoft can help improve your password security posture. Experts in cybersecurity, the team at LogicCloud IT, Inc. can set you up with a Microsoft Security specialists to discuss implementation details.

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How do you make flexible work the best it can be for different employees? Where do you start? Let a @Microsoft #hybridwork expert from LogicCloud IT, Inc. provide the right answers. #WorkTrends #FutureOfWork

How do you make flexible work the best it can be for different employees? Where do you start? Making flexible work the best it can be for every employee is essential and LogicCloud IT, Inc. can connect you to a @Microsoft hybrid work expert for a deeper dive into supporting a flexible work environment.

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How do you help employees collaborate more easily in your #hybridwork environment? Reply and we’ll let you know how @Microsoft can help you with your hybrid work efforts. #WorkTrends #FutureOfWork

What’s the key to making hybrid work work for your business? Start by answering the question: What tools do you give employees to collaborate more easily? Consider sharing your answer. Contact LogicCloud IT, Inc. to discuss next steps with a @Microsoft hybrid work expert.

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Break Free from Your Password

There are a whopping 579 password attacks every second—that’s 18 billion every year. Stop offering this entry point to hackers.

Watch the video to learn how @Microsoft is offering a passwordless future and let us know if you’d like to talk to one of our Microsoft Security experts about how LogicCloud IT, Inc. can help you assess and mitigate risk in 2022.

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