Windows Virtual Desktop Experience Estimator

Organizations understand there are benefits to remote work, especially with the secure and reliable #WindowsVirtualDesktop from #Microsoft Azure.

Access this tool to estimate the connection round trip time from your current location, through the Windows Virtual Desktop service, to each Azure region in which you can deploy virtual machines. Also access resources such as technical documentation and quickstarts, videos, and blogs.

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Construction use case to help drive sales

Frustrated by changing timelines, change orders, and agreement approval issues?

On any job, there are numerous plans, permits, suppliers, contractors, and customer expectations to manage. Keeping track of all the moving parts and getting the right signatures can take time that you don’t have, delaying a project by weeks.

Change orders with DocuSign’s audit trail lets you track who signed what, when, and in what order. Watch today’s video to see how DocuSign can help you reduce risk and save time on administrative work.

At LogicCloud IT, Inc., we want to help. Contact us to learn more. #GoDigitalWithDocuSign

City of Houston: transportation transformation

As their populations increase, local governments must leverage digital transformation to increase the efficiency of their operations and implement technologies that create smarter, safer cities. Watch this video to learn how the city of Houston is using #Microsoft365 to boost the scope and effectiveness of its services while future-proofing its operations for years to come.

Introducing Microsoft Surface Hub 2S

Microsoft Surface Hub 2S​ connects all devices in a flexible, collaborative workspace, allowing teams to dynamically work together and share, no matter where they’re located. #SurfaceforBusiness enables employees together to work beautifully. Learn more about Surface Hub 2S through this video and by contacting LogicCloud IT, Inc.    #SurfaceHub2S

Reimagining virtual collaboration for the future of work and learning

Research shows that workers experience more fatigue during video meetings than during in-person collaboration. #Microsoft Teams has a new feature to help with this: Together Mode. Participants are digitally placed in a shared background to better tune in to other people’s faces and body language; non-verbal cues are so important to human interaction.

Microsoft has been researching virtual interactions and learning what its customers need in this quickly-changing work and life landscape. Corporate VP for Microsoft 365 Jared Spataro writes about the findings in his recent Microsoft blog, “Reimagining virtual collaboration for the future of work and learning.” Read it for more insight!

Shift to a modern desktop

Inspire your Federal employees by shifting to a modern desktop. Empower them with devices that adapt to all the ways they work, from tablets on the factory floor to powerful laptops on the go. They’ll be proud to use beautifully designed hardware. Contact LogicCloud IT, Inc. to discover what you can achieve when you shift to a modern desktop with Surface and Microsoft 365.

Microsoft Surface Earbuds

Cut out the extra noise—all day long. Microsoft Surface Earbuds feature Omnisonic sound and a secure fit for all-day comfort. Working with Microsoft 365 and pairing to your devices with one click, your earbuds will integrate seamlessly into your workday. Power through your day with a charging case for 24 hours of battery life. #SurfaceforBusiness